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Hey guys, what's up? Well, I finally made it to start my own blog here ;-) As you already knew I deleted this page, because I thought I wouldn't put much effort to write something, but then I decided that, even when I don't make much effort to write, I can still have a blog, don't I? Mostly this blog will go about ramblings, things that interest or concern me. Whatever comes to my mind.

God bless!

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

White Europe? Is this hypocrisy?

The thing that astonish me about my own (white) race is our hypocrisy. We want Europe to be white, well uhm, first of all, white Europeans aren't the original settlers of Europe, they were black but unfortunately mutilated. Yes, this is the harsh truth no white folk wants to hear. Unfortunately our ancestors have done everything to wipe that history out. It took me a year to acknowledge this fact.

But since Whites have tried to take over the world and made it their right to live everywhere, why are we so busy to turn Europe white? Let us first move out of all other foreign countries that don't belong to us, perhaps then we can talk about having a white Europe.