Hey guys


Hey guys, what's up? Well, I finally made it to start my own blog here ;-) As you already knew I deleted this page, because I thought I wouldn't put much effort to write something, but then I decided that, even when I don't make much effort to write, I can still have a blog, don't I? Mostly this blog will go about ramblings, things that interest or concern me. Whatever comes to my mind.

God bless!

Saturday, 31 May 2014

My trip to Aalen, May 2011

I remember my trip to Aalen like it was yesterday...it's hard to believe that it is exactly 3 years ago I went to Germany with my family. I had never been to Germany before so you can image how excited I was. I like the village feel Aalen gives, nice, pitoresque and quietly. I wouldn't mind to raise my kids over there!