Hey guys


Hey guys, what's up? Well, I finally made it to start my own blog here ;-) As you already knew I deleted this page, because I thought I wouldn't put much effort to write something, but then I decided that, even when I don't make much effort to write, I can still have a blog, don't I? Mostly this blog will go about ramblings, things that interest or concern me. Whatever comes to my mind.

God bless!

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Temporarily lost my mobile phone...

I almost thought I would loose it if I wouldn't find my phone. I went to work, opened my travel bag when I was at work and noticed it wasn't there! I immediately called my own number and after half an hour somebody picked it up. It seemed I had left it at a bus station. I am taking public transportation currently, because my car is away for repairs. You can't immagine how releaved I felt...I owe it all to God!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

False friends like Job's

I'm reading the book of Job in the bible currently and all I could think was: ever noticed when friends seem to be  standoffish at you, when you have success or just being friendly? But when negative situations doom up in your life, they are kind of happy? Let me tell you this: those "freaks" are NOT your friends. A friend is not happy when your sad or delighted when you have problems....just like those fake friends of Job. Man, were they happy when he suffered extremely badly and they only told him lies why he was suffering to make him feel bad and feel good about themselves. If you have a friend like that, I'm sorry to say this, but dump this friend immediately! You can't count on him; he is not reliable or trustworthy whatsoever. Ask God to give you the right friends in your life who mean it with you, even if that friend calls himself a christian.

God bless!

Monday, 18 August 2014

Robin Williams

I'm still devastated from the news last week that Robin committed suicide. The question that was rising in my head was: 'Why did he do that? What was he depressed about? Didn't he talk to anyone? Did something happen in his life, but he never came clear with that past?'
He was one of my favourite actors of all times, but unfortunately the last thing I only can say about him is:

"He made everyone laugh, except himself."

R.I.P. Robin.....


Saturday, 31 May 2014

My trip to Aalen, May 2011

I remember my trip to Aalen like it was yesterday...it's hard to believe that it is exactly 3 years ago I went to Germany with my family. I had never been to Germany before so you can image how excited I was. I like the village feel Aalen gives, nice, pitoresque and quietly. I wouldn't mind to raise my kids over there!